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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Are We Related?

My series of books on my direct McGinnis Family ancestry
D. McGinnis asked Olive Tree Genealogy about our identical surnames:

My name is D. McGinnis.  I was born in Iowa in 1935.  I was just curious if you had come across my line of the mcginnis family.  I have not come across your name in my geanological wanderings.  Are we related somehow?
Olive Tree Genealogy Answer:  The McGinnis surname is one of the most common in Ireland. It is also wide-spread across North America. Without knowing your McGinnis ancestry to compare with what I know of mine, and without knowing if paths ever crossed geographically, there is no way to answer your question.  We could compare DNA results if you had yours done.

Please see my McGinnis family information on my website and see if you spot anything familiar. I have written a series of books on my direct McGinnis line (see image) but I am also working on a book on the 7 sons and 2 daughters of John McGinnis who came from Ireland to Canada in the 1830s which I hope to finish by the end of this year.

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