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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Finding Out of Print Books

Annie asked me for help finding a book that is out of print:
There is a book, now out of print, that traces my family history back centuries.  It's called the Stapletons of Drom. Do you have a resource for finding such books, long out of print?
Annie, the first thing I do is search Google books. Then I try WorldCat

Trying WorldCat I found 11 Libraries that have this book. Since I don't know where you live, you will need to go to WorldCat and type in your postal or zip code.

If you want to purchase a copy, Amazon has it

Good luck


  1. Thanks for your help. I'd love to purchase a copy, but when I check Amazon, it says no copy available. Unless I'm looking in the wrong place on their site. . .

  2. Since you are not seeing what I see on Amazon, I'm willing to bet that you did not click on the link I provided. I just checked and the book is listed as available. In fact there are two used editions listed as available for purchase