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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Van Sickelen, Van Sickles Family in New Netherland New York

Jim asked
Q: Zacharias Van Sickles married 1660 Anna VAN VALKENBURGH. They had eight children

1) Anne Sickles who married Abraham Isaacs
2) Robert b. C1665 Albany, N.Y. d. 12/27/1729 Bergen, N.J. Married 4/5/1686 in Albany, N.Y. to Gertrude RIDDENHARS probably of Hackemack, Virginia
3) Lambrecht Sickele b. 1661 m1 Maria Jansen 1690 m2 Wyntie Dykman 7/19/1717
4) Elizabeth m William Barantse
5) Zarcharias b. 1670 m. Marytie Janse Brevoort 8/29/1693 in NYC, NY
6) Thomas m Jannetje Janse Brevoort 4/5/1702
7) Gritjie bp 5/17/1684 Albany, N.Y.
8) Lea bp 5/8/1687 Albany, N.Y.

Where was Zacharias from? Who were his parents?

A: Douglas van Buskirk citing Our Nordic-Viking Roots by Gene Van Sickle states: Peter Stuyvesant met Zacharias Sickelen in Curacao and took him as a cadet coporal in 1655 to Fort Orange. Citation by Douglas van Buskirk, personal comment from Gene Van Sickle who quotes from the book Colonial Lineages in America
"... Ferdinandus Van Sicklen, Born in Ghent, Belgium,1635 settled near Coney Island ..."
"... There was however one Zacharia Van Sicklen also born in Ghent, Belgium and lived in Vienna, town of Utrech Provence of Holland. Zach, undoubtedly was a cousin of Ferdinandus, was a cadet with the Dutch West India Co. And came to America in 1647 as a guard and orderly of Peter Stuyvesant who was to become Governor of New Amsterdam. Zach was first stationed at Ft. Orange (Albany, N.Y.) And married Anna Volkenburgh. After some of their children were born Zach dropped the Van and spelled his name SICKLES, however at least on of his sons retained the VAN.

No firm record has been found to indicate Zacharias place of birth. According to Rosalie Bailey in her book Pre Revolutionary Dutch Houses she lists Vienna, Austria as his home. In the Ancestry of Franklin Merriam Peabody he is listed as Zacharias Von Weenan and as from Vianen, Utrech Province, Holland. Vianen is a small town approximately ten miles south of Utrech, Holland.
".... earned as Adelborst [a gentleman soldier - more than a common soldier. In another place he is called corporal] according to the settlement thereof signed by Rodenbergh and Verellon; further the said Zacharias Sickels VAn Weenen, hereby appoints and empowers the lawful holder of this paper to ask, demand and receive said sum of thirty-six guilders and ten stuivers in fatherland from said right honorable directors of the privileged West India Company at the Chamber of Amsterdam, and having resolved it be pass acquitance therefor, which shall be valid as though it were given by the subscriber himself, moreover to do and perform all things, in order to obtain the aforesaid sum, which the subscriber, himself being present could or might do; also if the matter demands more special authority than stnads expressed in this paper, promising to all times to hold good and true whatever by virtue of this paper shall be done, under pledge of his person and estate.

Thus done in Fort Orange,in presence of Lowies Cobussen and Johannes Provoost,as witness hereto called,on this 28th. of August, A.D. 1659

Sacharyas Seeckelse [sic - his signature]
Ludovicus Cobes
Johannes Provoost, witness"

1 comment:

  1. Lorine,

    "Zacharias Von Weenan" should probably read "Zacharias van Weenen", which translates as "Zacharias from Vienna". Wenen is the Dutch name for Vienna.

    The reference to Vianen is likely the result of a misreading of Vienna by a Dutch person expecting a Dutch place name, perhaps even unfamiliar with the English place name.

    You already quote a source that claims he was born in Ghent and another he was born in Vienna. Here is another one that claims he was born in Vienna:

    "Zacharias Sickles, the common American ancestor of the family, was a native of the City of Vienna, Austria, who soon after reaching manhood drifted to Amsterdam, Holland, where he entered the military service and was sent with a fleet on a cruise to Curacoa, where he remained until 1655. In the service he attained the rank of Adelborst or Cadet..."

    There is a Dutch genealogie Sikkel by J. Sikkel. It shows this family orginating around 1600 in Tiel in the province of Gelderland, the Netherlands and does not contain any Zacharias Sikkel.

    - Tamura Jones