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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Finding an elusive ancestor in Canada

Beth wrote to ask:
I am looking for a great Aunt, I believe she lived in Petersburg/ Peterborough .She was born Annie Bench, 1887 in Chorley, Lancashire, parents William Bench and Anne Burnett, married Mr. Friend and moved to Canada - somewhere. She visited New Zealand after 1945, she believed in Faith Healing and died of cancer, Faith did not cure it !! Hope you can help.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Beth. How sure are you that your Annie married a Mr. Friend? I ask because a search of the OCFA (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid) for Peterborough turns up the burial of Annie Mary Field nee Bench, wife of William Field. (Could your Mr. Friend be Mr. Field?) I also note that in the England 1901 census Annie is listed as "Annie M" Could the middle initial M stand for Mary?

She is buried in Little Lake Cemetery, Monaghan North Township, Peterborough County. You can send for the complete tombstone inscription by visiting the OCFA website and making note of the source information, then going to their page which explains who holds those records and how to obtain them.

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  1. I found an ancestor via the OCFA index. Thanks -- I had no idea this website existed before I read your blog.