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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Checking Online Data for Source Information & Instructions

Donna asked about an online Naturalization Records database

I have been trying to find my GGG Grandfather who was John Reedy, or John Reddy b. 1848 in Ireland, d. 1927 in Phillipburg NJ. On your USA-Wide Naturalization Records INDEX TO DECLARATION OF INTENT 1827-1895 I can see a John Reedy and a Patrick Reddy, but I am not for sure how to order a copy of the document or even if I can order it


Hi Donna - I'm glad that you found the set of records I have online at  However I have 15 volumes of name indexes for the set (INDEX TO DECLARATION OF INTENT 1827-1895 ) you refer to!

It would have been helpful to have a direct URL (that's the webpage address/URL starting with http:// ) so I could see the exact page where you found the information.

However, in answer to your question about how you go about ordering the full information - every page of my INDEX TO DECLARATION OF INTENT 1827-1895 has the instructions on how to do this.

For example if you go to "D" Surnames, Books 7 & 8 of this series you will see the title


BOOKS 7 & 8 April 1843 - May 1850

and then  --- the source! "Source: FHC Film 1301572 Items 1 & 2 "

Then there is more info and then, the golden information which starts with

"Lorine's Note: There are 7 reels of microfilm containing New York Declarations of Intent. The following is an index to those Declarations, with page numbers to help you find the original. To view the original Declarations of Intent, consult ....."  followed by the exact film and item number you need to find the details.

Yes I'm going to make you go back to the website and find it for yourself. You need to return to the page where you saw your REDDY, REEDY names and read the instructions. Those instructions will tell you how to order the full record.

Every genealogist should be very careful to check for information as to how to use every database they search, whether the data is online or in book form. 99% of websites and books will provide full instructions as to where the data came from, and how to get more details if available.

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