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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Verifying a Loyalist Ancestor

Sandy asked "Looking for anyone related to Peter Wyckoff (1765-1797) who married Catherine Plato (1769-1856). Her second marriage was to John Clendenning (1760-). Want to prove Loyalist ties for these two. Their son Peter (1794-1881) married Abigail Gilbert (1790-1834) daughter of Isaac Gilbert UE (1742-1822)."

My answer:

 There are 8 results for John Clendenning (and variant spellings) in the Upper Canada Land Petitions online database. 

To find out how to use the index information to view the actual petition(s) online, see Searching Ontario Canada Land Records, eh? 

You will also want to obtain the petition for Catherine Clendennan to see if it is Catherine Plato.

1 comment:

  1. Sandy, I am descended from Peter Wyckoff 1765-1794 through son Peter Jr. and Abigail Gilbert, who were the grandparents of my maternal great-grandmother Cecilia Wyckoff, the last Wyckoff in my line. I would be interested in anything you have found out! Thanks.