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Saturday, July 10, 2010

WW2 American Soldier's Dog Tags Found

Another Lost & Found WW2 Dog Tag for an American Soldier! Alexander wrote to say

i am from germany and found an american dog tag. The stamps are:

01319902 T42 43 0
1710 W.CRAIG PL.

Can you help me to know more about the person hows wearing this dog tag?

We had great success with our previous Dog Tags belonging to American Soldiers. Can we have a hunt for Thomas Lillard and his family? If you respond in the COMMENT section please don't post any information about living people. You may send that to me privately (


  1. I believe I've found our Thomas. He was born 1921 and resided in Bexar County, TX., when he enlisted in the Air Corps.

    He was a 1 Lt. with the 502nd Parachute Infantry Reg. (RHG) and I believe he was MIA in Belgium. From what I can tell he died December 1944.

    I'll keep on the search for family :).

  2. @Sam: I think that's him. I found his WW2 Enlistment records on Ancestry. Says he enlisted 12 Oct 1942 and was single. Wonder if the Anna on his dog tag was his mother?

  3. hmmmm... I found a newspaper notice in San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) dated 3 Feb. 1944. "Mrs. Thomas J. Lillard, the former Miss Pauline Higdon, is here with her parents Mr & Mrs. Jack Higdon while Lt. Lillard is on foreign service."

    Not sure what to make of this! Did Thomas J marry after he enlisted in 1942?

  4. More newspaper articles: San Antonio Light

    - Feb 6, 1944. "Lieut. Thomas J Lillard, paratrooper with 52 jumps, is now overseas"

    - May 26, 1946 "Mr. & Mrs. F. T. Irwin, of 1710 West Craig Place, have been notified by the War Dept that their son First Lt Thomas James Lillard, missing since Nov. 1945 has been declared officially dead" There is a a long story and a photo of Thomas. Says he is survived by his "Mother, stepfather, 2 sisters, 3 nephews and a niece" NO mention of a wife.

  5. and one more story in the San Antonio Light dated May 30, 1950. "Services for 1st Liet Thomas James Lillard, 23 of 1716 W. Craig Pl who died in Deudard, Holland Nov 20, 1944...."
    Article names his medals and gives a few names which I'll put here since the article is 60 years old:

    Mr & Mrs. F. T.Irwin (mother and stepfather).
    Sister and brother in law Mr & Mrs. B B Louwien of Sanderson
    Sister and brother in law Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Schuelze of Comfort
    3 nephews and 1 niece not named.


  6. Lorine...

    Just emailed you -- I located a living nephew and forwarded him this post and your email. You should hear from him soon :).

  7. All of the previous information can be clarified by looking at the belated death certificate at Look for Thomas James Lillard. His mother is shown as the informant.

  8. Thomas James Lillard was my great uncle. I would like to find out his entire story from d-day to death and I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions or contact information? Thank you so much for finding the tags.