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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Missing Person Means a Missing PIece of the Genealogy Puzzle

Michelle asked about her father
I have searched and searched and searched and searched till im all out of ability and resources to look. father, yes...THAT close to me, is a man I cant seem to find any (if any) inforation on ANYWHERE. I come close, but because the middle name is spelled different, I don’t think its him.

his name:Robert Alan Manning (the one I find is: Robert Allen Manning)

born: sometime in the 1930s ? the other: 1931. my mom was born in 1935, and he was older than her, so hed be 1934 or before that.

married? I don’t know when to my mother (if ever)? the other: has no family so-to-speak of listed beyond mothers name when married: Gay Joanne Suiter

now, heres the tricky part:
my dad was married to at least 3 women and divorced from none of them

1 was in utah, they had 3 sons
2 was in california and had a daughter/moms name was either linda or cheryl, daughter was the oppsite name cheryl or linda
3 my mom, and me

and that’s ALL the wives I know up to me, pretty sure there were others beyond me.

on my birth certificate he lists his birthplace as: Hong Kong. my mom said he was born in San Francisco. he also listed his job as: Movie Director, he was some kind of maintenance man/janitor person

so, knowing he has a lying past...has made it hard. he supposedly has a half brother named: jesse/Jessie/jessy. his mother was supposed to have married allot of men during my fahters growing up years.his father was supposed to have killed himself in texas (date unknown)

he was in the guessing after 1938-1952? if he entered at 18.

how can I even know anything about this family tree when I cant even complete the 1st leaf? id be so appreciative if you could help me and find some resolve or a small clue even..

ASK OLIVE TREE RESPONSE: Michelle, you have a lot to figure out and I am sure it's been very frustrating for you. I don't usually give advice for finding a person who might still be living (as your dad might be) because people who disappear usually don't want to be found. But your query captured my interest so I'd like to try to give you some ideas for more reesarch.

I saw another post you made online and it gave a bit more detail so I'll be referring to that as well as what you wrote to me. You mentioned that your parents were together for 2 years but you don't seem sure if they were legally married.

My first step would be to talk to your mother if she is still alive and if it won't upset her. If they were married you may be able to get a copy of the licence which should give your father's name and hopefully his parents' names. Pay close attention to any witness names as they may be relatives. Ask her who came to the wedding.

Also, ask your mom what she remembers during the time they were together - who did they hang around with? His friends? His family? Ask for names, even if they are not related. You may have better luck tracking a friend than trying to immediately find your dad.

Where did he work while they were together? Ask your mom. You might be able to find out more about him through his workplace.

Find out if he ever got mail from a relative - maybe your mother can remember who it was from or what city it was mailed from. Basically you are trying to get clues and details from anything your mom can remember from that time period.

What about your father's parents? Did your grandparents know about you? Did they ever visit? The more you talk to your mom the more she is probably going to remember.

Have you talked to your mom's family - sisters, brothers, cousins? They may know something, some little detail that will help you in your search.

If he told the truth on your birth certificate about being born in Hong Kong, then there should be a ships passenger list for his arrival in the USA. It would be interesting to know why your mom is so sure he was born in San Francisco. Perhaps he told her something of his childhood or teen years which would help you trace him.

Have you checked newspapers to see if there is anything for Robert Allan Manning? You may want to try I would not be concerned with the spelling of Allan. It could be Alan, or Allen and still be the same man.


  1. A few random things from

    1930 United States Federal Census
    Name: Robert Manning
    Home in 1930: Garfield, Salt Lake, Utah
    View Map
    Age: 2
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1928
    Relation to Head of House: Son
    Father's name: Clifford Manning
    Mother's name: Jessie Manning
    Race: White
    Household Members: Name Age
    Clifford Manning 23
    Jessie Manning 21
    Robert Manning 2 2/12
    Richard Manning 4/12

    U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2 U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 2
    Name: Robert A Manning
    Birth Date: 6 Jul 1930
    Address: 1832 Capitol St, Vallejo, CA, 94590-5721

    U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
    about Robert A Sr Manning Name: Robert A Sr Manning
    Birth Date: 6 Jul 1930
    Death Date: 6 Aug 1985
    Service Start Date: 6 Mar 1949
    Interment Date: 16 Aug 1985
    Cemetery: Golden Gate National Cemetery
    Cemetery Address: 1300 Sneath Lane San Bruno, CA 94066
    Buried At: Section CA Site 1635

    U.S. Veterans Gravesites, ca.1775-2006
    about Robert Manning Name: Robert Manning
    Service Info.: RMC US NAVY VIETNAM
    Birth Date: 15 Mar 1930
    Death Date: 13 Apr 2003
    Service Start Date: 23 Aug 1962
    Interment Date: 1 May 2003
    Cemetery: Golden Gate National Cemetery
    Cemetery Address: 1300 Sneath Lane San Bruno, CA 94066
    Buried At: Section Q Site 1381

  2. On there is a SSDI listing for a Robert Alan Manning, born 23 Jan 1931, died 21 June 2008. Last residence was Hilo, Hawaii. Could this be him?

  3. jessie was supposed to be a half brother, not a mother. from what my mother told me. she did allot of research on him, and found out about all the other wives, and no divorces. and i can remember she told me he had a half BROTHER names jessie/Jessy/Jesse and hed most likely (since hes a half brother) not have the same lat name, not sure on that but im guessing his father was another man, since they both had the same mother, so im almost betting hes a different last name than manning.
    thanks for that info!

  4. I am so interested as to your findings. I live in west Texas and am certain this is my mothers biological Father, whom I never met. He killed himself in 2008 and had was married to a Hispanic woman named Linda from the time my mother was 8 or so, born 7/11/45 in Roscoe Texas. I do not believe my grandmother, Yvonne Daniel was ever married to Alan Manning , but walked away leaving her with an infant daughter. My mother saw him as a young girl but did not take up to him as he had not raised her. I know he was a secretive and lost man, and understand his father was military and very cruel, and abusive. Please contact me, I believe i am part of your missing link.