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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lots of New York Genealogy Info Found With Wide-spread Search

Tracy asked a question about finding her husband's grandfather
My husband’s grandfather died in Brooklyn NY in approx. 1942 and his grandmother grew up in a catholic orphanage. I have his grandmothers name and DOB and DOD. I am trying to find her information and his too if possible. They are not coming up on census from that time. Where would you suggest I go next?

I had to write and ask Tracy for more details such as names and dates of birth and death. She then sent the following:
His name was Frank or Francis Cannon I do not know his DOB but he died in Brooklyn NY area around 1942

Her name was Elizabeth Veronica McCarthy Cannon Fitzpatrick. DOB 4.27.1903 in Brooklyn NY

Her parents passed away from TB and she and her sister who was appox. 5 years older were placed in a Catholic orphanage. Never found her sister again, parents believed to have come from Ireland.

They had one son, Francis Harold Cannon
Ask Olive Tree Genealogy reply:

Tracy, I am not sure where you have checked but has many New York vitals on line. A quick check there found the marriage of Francis P. Cannon and Elizabeth McCarthy on 2 Feb. 1926 in Manhattan.

Now you can send for their marriage certificate and find out their ages, their fathers' names (perhaps their mothers' too, I am not familiar with what info is on a 1926 New York Certificate)

You should check birth records there too as there is a good possibility for the birth of your Elizabeth. 

Because I was intrigued by your query, I also had a quick look in census records on and found a gal I am pretty sure is your Elizabeth McCarthy in the New York Catholic Protectory in 1910. It was in  the Bronx. Little Elizabeth is 7 years old.

The New York Catholic Protectory for females was run by the Sisters of Charity and apparently its records survive. A google search for this agency led me to Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

You will need to visit the site personally as they like you to read their list of requirements before making a request. Then go to the New York section, then look for BRONX and then "New York Catholic Protectory and Lincolndale-how to locate the children's records of 1880-1938." The volunteer attached to this lookup is listed and her email address is available. Simply write to her and ask how you can access these records.

The records have been microfilmed and are available but you will need the instructions on how to obtain them. 

I think you are going to have a lot of fun now! Please do keep us informed here on the Ask Olive Tree Blog - just write a comment when the Marriage Certificate arrives, I know I am curious now!


  1. Thank you for mentioning - I checked it out and found a lot of information on my husband's family!

  2. If you are looking for death records in the State of New York, many libraries in New York have microfiche index of the deaths for the entire New York state. Since you have an approximate year of death, you could easily look it up if you are in New York or perhaps find a volunteer to look it up for you. I know the Buffalo library has the index. The index is by year, and then alphabetical, so you might have to look at a couple of fiche, but it wouldn't take too much effort. Then you can send away for the death record. I want to say it goes to something like 1961 or so.

  3. I am wondering if someone could tell me where in New York they would have kept the records for the Catholic Protectory that was in the Bronx? I have viewed the microfiche records at the LDS church library but the family (2 brothers and 2 sisters) is not included, although they are on the census for 1900. I have a feeling my aunt somehow got the records and possibly never returned them, and I am going to be in New York this spring (I live in California) and thought maybe I could go to wherever they keep the original records to see if I could find anything. Thanks anyone that wants to answer me. I can be reached at