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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Search all the Children not just your Direct Ancestor!

Pamela asked about naturalization records for her ancestor William Galbraith.

I’m wondering if you would help me locate naturalization records for William Galbraith. We have reason to believe that he came from Northern Ireland in 1830, that he was a resident of Rochester, New York in 1841, that he resided in Ohio between 1843-1852 and became a naturalized citizen in Ohio, that he died in Portage, Wisconsin.  He was married to Eliza Woods and had 7 children. Samuel is my husband's descendent. I’m looking to find out where he came from in Ireland and thought his naturalization record might show this info.
Olive Tree Genealogy responds: 


It is unlikely that this early Naturalization will show anything more than William being from Ireland.  

Before September 27, 1906, there was no US Naturalization Service, and the BCIS has no naturalization records dated before September 1906. Before the 1906 act, declarations of intention had no expiration date. 

Before 1906, the declaration of intent generally contains more genealogically useful information than the petition. Petitions before 1906 usually show only a name, former allegiance, and date of naturalization. The declaration may include the alien's exact date of immigration into the United States. 

To search Ohio records see

Since you hope to find his Irish origins, I'd hunt for the marriages and deaths of all his children. Sometimes a county in Ireland is provided on these documents. Also look for his marriage and death records. 

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