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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Guest Genealogist Kathryn Lake Answers a Query

Bernadette asked
Hello folks, I need some "real" help.. I've searched several years, for my g g grandfather, Cornelius Mastin (masten) Born in NY in the late 1700's ... There are many,, but the one I need to find, is the one who
came to Canada before 1818. His wife was Caroline - or similar,, no surname.. His son Ichabod, was born in Ontario 1818. He had a brother - Minard. (younger) There must have been a Cornelius, and a Rebecca, I have Ichabod's family,, and wife etc. It's just the one section I need."Cornelius and Caroline "and their children .

Guest Genealogist Kathryn Lake of LOOKING4ANCESTORS responds:

Greetings Bernadette,

Researching ancestors in the early 1800’s in Ontario can be very tricky. Ontario at that time was known as Upper Canada. This time period can be quite challenging for family history researchers as records are few and far between. This will require you as a researcher to do some hard work. I would recommend you start at the Archives of Ontario website. Go to the website and read the on-line research guides and tools. Land records, petitions for land, as well as wills and probate records may provide the information you are looking for.


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