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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Looking for the Westerland Voyage 1893

Michael's Question:
I just recently found a naturalization paper for Charles Michael Weber. He was born in Luxembourg, Luxembourg in August 1874. He came to the New York, New York on 14 January 1893 from Antwerp, Belgium on board the Westernland. I have looked in several websites including and I have not been able to find the ship’s passenger list to verify that he and possibly his father were truly on board. I am looking for the Westerland’s passenger list for that voyage. Can you give me any help?

AskOlive Answer:
Hello Michael, Be careful using a date of arrival found on a naturalization document unless it has been verified.
An immigrant who arrived after June 29, 1906 could not naturalize until the government located their immigration record (a passenger list). Petitions (not the Declarations) after 1906 have information that has been verified and matched to an immigration record. In fact a a certification
of the immigrant's arrival record was a required part of the process

Since Charles arrived circa 1893, his papers will not have a verification certificate and thus you may want to allow a few years on either side of any date given. I would search from 1891-1895 for Charles' arrival.

For help with naturalization records see USA Naturalization Records

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