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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Verify Genealogy Records fournd online

Debra's Question:
Maybe you can help me . I found some information about Daniel Hilgenberg on the Hillenburg Blog.
It said that some of Daniels sons had married Cherokee girls.Know i have been searching for awhile.and I`m a member of, and I have all of daniels Kids and who they married and their kids .But when i read the Blog article ,It got me thinking ,That some of his sons had married Cherokee girls and during the time of the " Trail of Tears " that some of the Hillenburgs where sent on the trail of tears .and that this persons Gr grand father would visit his relatives out in Oklahoma . Know the person that wrote this is ( samuel Hillenburg ,the father of Daniel Hillenburg ) . Then also is said on my mother side her grmother Carrie (Simmerman) Pruett , always said that she was part Indian .But i`m having trouble finding it too!

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Debra. It's really important to verify information you find online. Unless the blog where you found the details on your ancestor Daniel Hilgenberg or Hillenburg has sources, you need to write and ask where the author got his information. There's an article you might like to read, called Genealogy Without Sources is Mythology! and another one that I think will help called I Found My Great Great Grandfather Online -- Now What!!???

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