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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Question about Children of Peace

Beverly's Question:
My husband's family were Children of Peace. Both from the Willson and Doane families. I was looking for a list of those imprisoned during the rebellions. Is there such a thing

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Beverly, I must point out that your query would have been better had you explained what "Children of the Peace" was or is. It would also have been very helpful to know the country (USA? Canada? Europe?) where the Children of Peace were found. Last but not least, not being familiar with this group or the time frame when they were active, I've no idea of what rebellions you are referring to, nor the time period you want.

Normally I would not go on a hunt to find out details which could (should) have been included in the original query. But this is a good time to remind readers of how to write a good query - remember the Ws! Who, Where, When (Names, Locations, Dates) . That is the minimum information that should be present in every query sent out.

For my readers, Children of the Peace were former Quakers who established a community in the village of Hope (now called Sharon) in York, Upper Canada (present day Ontario Canada) about a hundred and eighty years ago.

As it turns out, there is still a museum and the museum has a number of publications for sale. You can find more at this archive site.

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