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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Finding Land Records for an Ancestor

Archie asked
For the purpose of filling a blank in the ancestry record of now deceased, Robert Leonard Wallace Archibald, my genetic dad and previous, decades-long owner of Lot 18, Con. 13, Brock Twp. where most of my growing-up years were spent and attended Sproule's public school only 7 tenths of a mile West of there, under the tutilage of Mrs. Webster firstly and conclusively, Mrs. Hughes, , I request to know the recorded date of he and/or he and his wife Marion's purchase of that 65 acres of land that Con.13 divided the house and barn areas of and also, if not asking too much, whatever dates you could provide additionally as pertains to its eventual subdividing and sale, would add to my record as an addendum brevity.

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Dear Archie. Wow! Your query is the longest sentence I've ever read. But I think I understand what you want.

You are in luck because you can consult the Abstract Indexes to Deeds for Conc 13 Lot 18 Brock Township to see every transaction on that piece of property since it left Crown ownership. Each transaction gives (at a minimum) the name of the owner, the buyer, the date, and what kind of transaction it was. You can then obtain the full detailed record if you wish.

I hope you have read my earlier blog response "Those Wonderful Abstract Indexes to Deeds!" You may also wish to take a peek at the explanation and examples of Abstract Indexes to Deeds at my CLRI (Ontario Land Record Index) page on OliveTreeGenealogy.

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