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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finding Texas Naturalization Records Before 1930

Tonya, from the County Clerk's office in McKinney Texas had an interesting question for me about naturalization records before 1930
I am trying to find out who kept local naturalization records in Texas prior to 1930. We do not have those records in our archive (County Clerk) and the District Clerk has said they don’t have anything either. Do you know who else may have kept those records? The Texas State Archives have indicated they should be local. Can you help?
ASK OLIVE TREE response: Dear Tonya,

You didn't provide me with a start year for the records you are interested in. 1906 is a cut-off date and you will need to check either PRE 1906 or POST 1906 for your answer.

I'll assume POST 1906 but before 1930 for the purpose of this blog. BCIS naturalization certificate files (C-Files) include a duplicate copy of all naturalization records after September 26, 1906. C-Files include all US naturalizations from all States and Territories, and from all courts (Federal, State, and local).

Most C-Files from 1906 to 1956 are on microfilm, with the remainder in paper form, and BCIS has an index to those that have been filmed. They are available with a Freedom of Information/Privacy Act request to BCIS Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

See for more info and al ink to a FOI page

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