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Monday, March 30, 2009

How to find a Roll Number for Native American Ancestry

Mike G. asked:
There is Native American members of both my paternal and maternal sides, but I am having the hardest time finding Indian Roll Numbers. I live about equal distance between Houston and Dallas. I have heard that the genealogy library outside of Dallas would be a better research location. Any suggestions?
Olive Tree Answer: Have you searched the Dawes Roll Index at or the other Rolls listed on that site? I'm afraid that I don't know what library you mean by "the genealogy library outside of Dallas" aand I don't live in the area so I can't advise you on that, why not just call or visit the library and see what you think of it.


  1. Olive....

    I live near the area and believe that the querent may be referring to the Southwestern branch of the National Archives located in Fort Worth? The archives there have scaled down painfully in the last couple of years but I believe they still have the Dawes census cards and enrollment jackets in house. I'd recommend calling them to find out; go to their website at for their phone number and hours.

    There is a great genealogical library in the Dallas Public Library as well. That might also be what she means. It is the Erik Jonsson Library at 1515 Young St in Dallas. Their phone number is 214-670-1433. I'm not sure if they have Dawes Rolls but they do have a copy of the index to the rolls.

    Hope I've helped!

  2. Thank you for jumping in Patti! I love it when someone reading this blog has an answer and offers it for everyone. I am sure you've helped Mike with his question and I appreciate your taking the time to write.

    Lorine aka Olive

  3. Hi Olive:

    I have some advice as well. :-)

    Mike may also want to check the Dawes Index online at the Oklahoma Historical Society's Research Center. (This is for persons who chose to enroll in one of the Five Civilized Tribes during enrollment, which was open in Indian Territory--now Oklahoma--about 1898-1906) It's at If a person is listed, click on the CC (census card) # and see all the persons enrolled from that household.

    As a starting place, I strongly recommend looking for this family on the 1900 federal census--this census includes a census of Native Americans, stating their tribe. Remember that to be enrolled, persons had to be living in Indian Territory during enrollment, with their tribe AND they had to choose to apply.

    AND, the Dawes Packets, the interview portion of the enrollment process, are now available on Footnote if Mike has access to that database.

    That is very "quick and dirty" advice for folks looking for American Indian ancestry in the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creek or Seminole tribes.

    Good luck!