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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where would I start my search for a ship list leaving France 1830

Gloria's Question:
Where would I start my search for the ship list leaving France 1830. I have names but have arrived at a dead end.
Alsace could have been under German rule at the time, would I then search Germany rather than France? Tisserand-Michel and Catherine-name changed to English translation upon arrival=Weaver or Wever. Arrived, possibly Quebec 1830

Hi Gloria - You have a challenge ahead of you! As far as I know, neither Germany nor France kept outbound ships passenger lists for that time period. And Canada did not have to archive (keep) their ships passenger lists until 1865. So you must seek alternate records, such as Shipping Company Records, records from newspapers, travel by land, emigration agent records and so on.

There is a chart online which gives links to all known online projects for all ships passenger lists and substitutes for immigration to Canada before 1865. You may find this helpful if you have not used it. Please note that the link for The Hawke Papers, letterbooks of Chief Emigrant Agent Anthony B. Hawke available at the Archives of Ontario from 1831 to 1892, has on online searchable database ONLY for the years 1865 - 1883. So for earlier years before 1865, these records must be searched on microfilm.

If I were you, I'd first check the Records of James Allison, Emigrant Agent at Montreal, 1823-1845 which is a new database just brought online by

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