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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finding the Bailey Family in Alabama or Georgia

Mike asked
Lorine, you were such a great help with my British ancestry question. I do thank you for that. I have a mystery now. My mother's grandfather (my 2x grandfather), David Hayne Bailey. I have information on David Hayne, all three of his wives and all 21 kids. I even have his Civil War information. The mystery is that I can't find anything about him before his marriage to his first wife, Emma Louiza Tucker, 25 Nov 1856 in Clay County, Georgia. We have no idea who David Hayne's parents are.

David Hayne Bailey b. 20 Apr 1834 - supposedly Alabama d. 26 Sep 1922 - Trinity County, Texas

Emma Louiza Tucker b. 1848 - Georgia d. 1884 - ?? m. 25 Nov 1856 - Clay, Georgia

Caledonia Tucker (yes, sisters) b. 1850 - Georgia d. ?? m. 13 Jan 1884 - Calhoun, Arkansas

Artie (Artimisia?) Mae Gibson b. 04 May 1868 - Oak Grove, Kaufman, Texasd. 29 May 1937 - Trinity County, Texas m. 10 Nov 1890 - Falls County, Texas CSA Pension application

I'm hoping that you might know of a path that we're not taking.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Mike. You've done a lot of work on your family but I did notice that you do not have them in the 1870 census. I found David's first wife and some of their children living with Emma's parents Robert & Leanna Tucker:

1870 United States Federal Census Militia District 431, Clay, Georgia Post Office: Fort Gaines

Household Members: Name Age
Robert Tucker 55
Leana Tucker 54
Melissa Tucker 24
Emma Tucker 22 (David's first wife)
Caledonia Tucker 20 (David's second wife)
Virginia Tucker 18
Milton Baily 10 (David's child by wife #1)
Lee Baily 5 (David's child by wife #1)
Martha Baily 2 (David's child by wife #1)
Emily Baily 1/12 (David's child by wife #1)
William McCook 10
Robert McCook 6

The Bailey children were all born in Georgia. David is not with them. Now the odd thing is that in the 1870 census for Bullock Alabama there is a David Bailey of the right age, born Alabama, living with his wife Caledonia and son Bradford. I would track this second family forward to make sure it is not your ancestor!

You can view this record for free at US GenWeb Archives or see the image on

It is interesting to note that David and Emma named their first daughter LeeAnn (after Emma's mother) and their second son Robert (after Emma's father). My suspicion is that they named their second daughter and first son after David's parents - and this might be a theory you want to work towards proving or DISproving. This of course would make David's parents Hartwell (or Milton!) and Martha. I'd look for a Hartwell or Milton Bailey in the 1850 census when David would be about 16 and hopefully still living at home. Before 1851 Clay Co. did not exist so yo u may have to look in Early or Randolph Counties for the family.


  1. Now I may be missing something, but if the kids living with the Tucker's are Emma's kids with David (which they would be assuming the two had the given marriage date of 1856) and Emma is only 22 years old at the time of the census, that would make her married at age 8 and having her first child at age 12. :)

    Definitely sounds like there are two David Bailey's to me.

  2. Great eagle eye Patti! I completely missed the discrepancy re Emma's age and Milton's age in the 1870 census, also that Mike's dates meant that Emma was only 8 when she married David. So --- the challenge becomes even more interesting! Looks like I'll have to tackle this question again in a future post.