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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reading old handwriting on Ships Passenger Lists

M. R. asked
I have found Taube Regent on the "Record of Detained Aliens" (line 195) on the Kaiserin Auguste Victoria, arriving in NY on July 2, 1914. However, I am unable to locate the name on the actual passenger manifest. I found line 27 (as the manifest line listed on the "Record") but the passenger's actual name is unlisted. It looks as though she is joining her husband but the information in the "friend/relative/who/where" column appears illegible to me. HELP!

Olive Tree Answer: Hi M.R. I had no trouble finding Taube Regent's name on the passenger list on, but it was not the line number you gave above. Here is a graphic of the right hand side of the entry (beside her name which I have not copied)

The 4th entry down is for Taube Regent. By looking at the other entries you can see that the first word of each is the abbreviated form of the relationship person - Bro = Brother; Husb = Husband; Sis = Sister. Taube's entry says "Fath" for Father.

Following that is his first name, which I read as "Moritz", his address is 89 Pitt St, NYC (presumably New York City)

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