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Friday, October 9, 2009

Finding Ancestors Who Immigrated via Canada to USA

Norma's Question:
I have been searching for the entry of my family. My grandfather came from
Solingen, Germany in approx 1884, and I understand his sister Emma, brother
Charles and maybe their father immigrated. I
cannot find the date of enter, passenger lists. The earliest date I have
found was 1894 when my grand-father married for the first time. I don't
know if they immigrated through Canada or not. Where do I look if I want to
find if they immigrated through Canada?

AskOlive Answer: Hello Norma

The National Archives of Canada (NAC) holds immigration records from 1865 to 1935.
Library and Archives Canada has digitized passenger lists for 1865 to 1935 as part of their new Moving Here, Staying Here
online exhibition

They're available as Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 As well, has these passenger lists indexed and linked to the actual images.

If you don't find what you are looking for, you may want to try Ships Passenger Lists to Canada 1865-1930

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