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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finding Michigan or Canadian Birth Records

Marilynn's Question:
How can I find birth records from Michigan or Canada? I'm looking for records from 1821 to 1850.I have only the names of the people I am looking for. I would appreciate any tips.

AskOlive Answer: Hello Marilyn, Canada is a huge country, and every province and territory started keeping vital registrations at different time periods. You must narrow your search to (at the minimum!) a province or territory before you can find what records exist and where they are kept. For example Ontario did not start their Vital Registrations until 1869 and before that time period genealogists must check for church records. Depending on what county in Ontario ancestors lived, different church records have survived. See Canadian Genealogy for more help with finding Canadian genealogy records.

As for Michigan, the State of Michigan vital records office has records of births, deaths, and marriages that occurred in Michigan and were filed with the state as early as 1867. I would check the Michigan GenWeb site for the county of interest to you to find out what is available for the time period you need.

Also you may want to check out this Ancestor Birth Record Finder for more help

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