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Monday, November 16, 2009

Looking for a town in Germany

Sally's Question:
My 4great grandmother came to America in 1876 as a young girl from Bohemia or Prussia. The country of origin on one census is Bohemia, and on the other census I have for her she says she is from Prussia. We have a letter in the family which says that "Emil has gone back to Nicholasburg" I have looked all over Germany and Bohemia and cant find anything that sounds like Nicholasburg. Where can I look?

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Sally, The best way to find a town in Eastern Europe is through the JewishGen Town Finder. This is not just for Jewish families. Being curious I had a look and my search there turned up Mikulov in Moravia, German name Nikolsburg. Moravia (Morven, Moldau) was part of Czecholaovakia (Bohemia) and of the Austro Hungarian Empire.

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