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Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking for genealogy records for Mauritius

Jill asked
I am trying to find some information about an ancestor who was born in Pamplemousses Mauritius. I have very little information other than Marie Josephine Victorine Broughton Born: 19 Jul 1848
Died: 7 Jun 1910 in Adelaide in South Australia

Marie married James Osborne who was No 2451 in the Fifth Fusiliers – he enlisted 29 November 1846 Fought in the Crimean war 1853 – 1856 wounded in the leg. Transferred to Mauritius discharged from army 1857 born Carbrooke Norfolk Oct 1824 d.19 january 1910. South Australia

James was a batchelor when he married Anne Marie Bridgeman nee Larke on 15th July 1858 was a widower when he married Marie Josephine Victorine on 6 Feb 1869.
worked as Policeman on Mauritius till shot in the back by another policeman.(pvt O'Shanessy) Took Job as lighthouse keeper ot Cannonier Point Till 1881 then travelled by ship the Baque Coorong to Port Adelaide Australia. They had five children born in Mauritius and three born in South Australia

It is highly likely that Marie was the descendant of a slave. I am hoping for some ideas as to where to start researching in Mauritius

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Dear Jill, This is a new area for me (Mauritius) but I'm always eager to learn more about different locations and their genealogy resources.

You may already be aware of this, but in case you are not - the National Library of Australia has information on various holdings when you search for Mauritius - Genealogy

Also, a search of the FamilySearch Library Catalogue for Mauritius brings up a list of their microfilmed records.

Have you found the death certificate for Marie? Sometimes there is information on parents. What about her marriage certificate? Was their a church record? That will often provide names of parents of both bride and groom.

With 8 children born to the couple, you may want to trace each child and their descendants. Often one branch of a family has information that another does not have! For instance you may find a descendant who has a family bible or original documents or even family lore. Family lore can be very helpful as you can use it as a working theory to prove or disprove.

What about naming patterns? Do you know the names of James' parents? Do they repeat in his children? If they do and if they are used in the first or second boy/girl, then you might theorize that Marie's parents are also honoured in the first or second boy/girl. To explain a bit more clearly, let's say that James and Marie name their first son John. Second son is Anthony. First daughter is Elizabeth and second daughter is Anna. If you know that James' parents were John and Anna, you can theorize that Marie's parents may well be Anthony and Elizabeth. It's a working theory, one you would research to prove or disprove.

Please let me know how you get on with this puzzle, I'm very intrigued.


  1. Naming patterns of children need to take into consideration any children of James' first marriage. Even if they died young, names might or might not be re-used.

  2. Hello Jill,

    I suggest that you seach on the "Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834". It is on line. Cheers, Jacqueline.