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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Searching for ancestors in New Jersey

Frank's Question:
I'm looking for parents of Eliza Conklin, 1808-1849, m. Simeon Ackerman- children Caroline 1829, James '31, Josephine '33, Elizabeth '35, Ann '36 (my ancestor), Cornelia '38, Rachel '39, Wilson '42, John '43, William '46, infant son '49.

They were married in Ponds Church, Oakland, NJ 22 Sep 1827, which makes me think she may come from there. Ponds Church burned later in the 1800's, so no record there. I called the church- Simeon is buried there, but Eliza doesn't seem to be (I talked to the cemetery caretaker).

James and Elizabeth are Simeon's parents, Cornelia is his grandmother's name, but none of the other names can I find in his family.

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Frank. You might try getting Eliza's death certificate. New Jersey archives has death certificates available from May 1848. The link will take you to an online Death Request form.

See the 1850 Mortality schedule - there is an Eliza Ackerman age 41, who died Franklin, Bergen County in November of 1849 (and an Eliza Ackerman age some months, who died in May 1850). I use the census records on but Footnote,comicon also has many online.

And look for Bergen County records for a copy of the marriage license. There may be a Conklin witness present. You might want to consult Ancestor Marriage Record Finder for more ideas on where to hunt for an elusive marriage

You did not say where you lived, but if you live in or near New Jersey, (or near a major library) look at the "New Jersey Archives" set. This is not a brick building, it is a multi-volume set of books, "Documents Relating to the Colonial, Revolutionary and Post-Revolutionary History of the State of New Jersey" The first series has about forty books, the second series about ten. I have not accessed the third series, and I cannot remember how many books there were. Some of the volumes are indexed, and there are (by different authors) published indices to these volumes as well.

Look for Conklin wills which mention Ackerman heirs (and vice versa). And if you find such, order the estate records from New Jersey Archives, (the brick building).

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