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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Finding Out What a Fi.Fas. Is!

Yvonne asked:
I have puzzled over the following land transcription for many years, and hope you can help me understand the terminology.

"Southern Recorder, Aug. 22, 1829 -- page 4. Emanuel Sheriff's Sale.Will be sold on the first Tuesday in September next, at the court house, in the town of Swainsborough, Emanuel County, within the usual hours of sale the following property, viz 250 acres of pine land on the waters of Cannouche, adjoining Stephen Rich and others, levied on as the property of John Scott, to satisfy sundry fi.fas. issued from a Justice's court vs. John Scott, Britain Scott and John Scott, and John Scott and William Horton - property pointed out by the defendant; levied on and returned to me by a constable. Amos Snell, Sh'ff."

Here are things I need clarified:
1. What exactly is a fi. fas.?

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Hi Yvonne. You asked several questions, here is my answer to one of the four. A google search shows that fi.fas. is an abbreviation for fieri facias.

There are many websites providing a detailed definition of the phrase but here is a brief answer:

A fieri facias, usually abbreviated fi. fa. (Latin that you cause to be made) is a writ of execution after judgment obtained in a legal action for debt or damages.

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