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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost & Found WW2 Dog Tags Still Not Home

We have one happy family with the return of Randall Packard's lost WW2 dog tags to his daughter in Nebraska.

I wonder if we can make another family happy? Stanley Thompson's dog tags from WW2 have still not made it home.

our wonderful readers found Randall's wife, son, daughter and grandchildren. I know they can do the same for Stanley.


  1. I'm actually still working on this...but coming up shorthanded which is odd.

    I wonder if Jeanne's name (first or last) isn't a transcription error. I find no Zetterlund's (or other variations of that name) in Long Beach at any time.

    I've checked both addresses non the marriage cert., hoping one would give me a church that we might be able to call but no luck there. I've also searched for C.W. Ridenour, who married Stan and Mabel, for any information but I find nothing of worth.

    Finding Darrell and Frank has been a problem as well. I've had luck in my own research with finding family members of people related to who I'm searching for (I've busted down many a brick wall this way!) but I can't get a handle on the brothers...

    Still here...still looking!

  2. Re: Darrell & Frank

    20 Nov 1959 - Lancaster Eagle Gazette (Lancaster, Ohio): Page 2, column 5 -- This is just to point out to anyone searching for Stanley's siblings' families that the whole immediate family had passed away by this date.

    "Mrs. Darrell Thompson of 312 E. Allen St. received word Thursday that her brother-in-law, Frank W Thompson, 56, of Long Beach, Calif., died Wednesday.
    "Mr. Thompson, a painter, resided with a niece. He was the last of his immediate family, being preceded in death by his parents and two brothers. His mother died Oct. 8.
    "Funeral arrangements are incomplete."

  3. Since the immediate family was gone long ago, this may help in locating living family.

    Frank was married to Mildred Schieken, born in 1905 in Columbus, Ohio. Her parents were Sylvester and Alice Arnold, though I think that their last name is misspelled. Frank's middle name was Waldo.

    A couple other facts that MIGHT help. Darrell's middle name was William. The witnesses to Stanley and Mabel's marriage were M.F. and Dorothy Scott, so perhaps they were related.

    Also, maybe we could locate Stanley's daughter, the Betty E. Or Mabel's son, Richard Reynolds. I've learned over the years not to exclude ANYONE when searching for living family -- it's through seemingly distant connections like these I've answered questions about close relatives that were nearly impossible to even hope for answers for...