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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Use Census Records and Newspapers to Learn about an Ancestor's Life

Stephen asked
I am looking for any information that you might have about Jessie Robbins Belmont (1864-1935). I am trying to piece together information about this women whom I don’t know much about. I know her father came from the Bronx New York and his name was Daniel Robbins. Her mother is a total mystery to me ? I know she married Perry Belmont on April 18th 1899. But I know very little (which I would love to know) about her upbringing, and young life. I also would love to know about her older life as a women while she was married in New York and living in Washington DC. I do also know that she spent the last 20 years of her life alone in Paris Francis and dieded in the fall of 1935. Having pictures is a must either by themselves on in the articles that you might send to me. Thank you and I hope you can find me something on this women

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Stephen, you're in luck because the census records will give you information on Jessie's early life. She should be in 1870 with her parents and 1880 possibly still with her parents. You will be able to find out if she had siblings too.

You could then trace backwards - to 1860 - using her parents' names and birth years and locations. Keep going back as far as you can with census and organize her family group (siblings, parents, grandparents etc)

I like for census but you may have another site you prefer or access at a library.

Have you consulted newspapers for stories of her life? She may be there, or not, it's hit and miss.

Photos are another thing entirely. The only way you will find photos is if you are lucky enough to see any in a newspaper article, or by connecting with other descendants. Perhaps some will have photographs of her.

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  1. Lorine,
    I found a great article about Jessie Robbins in the New York Herald-Dec 12, 1898, p. 3. It seems she was first married to a Henry Sloane and they were well known in society. There are lots of details about her, and I'm sure many other articles can be found on the Sloanes. I will email the article to you and perhaps you can forward it to Stephen.