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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Getting Copies of Your Own Naturalization Records

Sandra wrote asking for help with her own naturalization records

 I am looking for my naturalization form.   I have contacted the Immigration Office, but need the certificate number from the document I am trying to replace in order to apply for  a new one... catch 22 - need help...

 Naturalized: May 12, 1994
 Washington County, Maine

My understanding is that for naturalization records after 1956, Freedom of Information requests must be sent to the appropriate BCIS District Office

I would simply do that - send in an FoI request and ask for a copy of your records. That should give you the numbers you need to request any specialized forms you might need.

1 comment:

  1. So it's not just the UK that has a Catch 22 system! We have certificates up to 1986, arranged by number, at The National Archives. You need to provide us with the number so we can find the certificate, but until recently the card indexes to names were held at the Borders Agency in Liverpool. Now we have the indexes in our building, but it's still hideously complicated; naturalisation of foreigners and citizenship of Commonwealth citizens are held separately, as are the indexes for citizenship granted in the Commonwealth countries, rather than in the UK... and so it goes on. Oh yes, and some of the certificates are missing altogether.