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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing 1st and 2nd Class Passenger Names 1897-1903

Debbi asked about an ancestor on a ship arriving in New York
Hi. I  searched the New York arrival for the October 14 1899 Palatia ship passenger list and didn't find my family. I know they were on board this ship, why are they not listed?

and have not survived

That means that the names of passengers in 1st or 2nd class will not be on microfilmed ships passenger lists, or in the Ellis Island online database.

There are some exceptions but if you can't find an ancestor and you have proof he/she was on board a certain ship, this anomoly during this brief time period may explain those missing names.

Please see Ellis Island Missing (Cabin) Manifests, 1897-1903  for more information.

ASK OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Dear Debbi - From  about June 15th 1897 until approximately March or April 1903, the lists for first class and second class passengers were not collected at Ellis Island

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