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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Understanding the CLRI and its Value in Finding an Ancestor's Land Records

Holly asked about land records for an early Upper Canada (Ontario) ancestor:
Calvin Wheeler b circa 1789/90 US is the ancestor who had land. What I know is; supposedly c 1812 he left Vermont/NY to Canada and first settled in Strathcona, and had a farm there-I have nothing to substantiate this. He married ELIZABETH CARSCALLEN UEL c 1810/12 in this or the Fredericksburg area- Lennox and Addington County-was there for awhile. He then went into Sheffield Twp L & A Co. c1820 and at some point 'acquired' abt 300/400a in what is now Tamworth, L & A County. Supposedly the town/area was originally called- Wheeler's Mills.

The first known child to be baptized in Fredericksburg was in 1819 Found:in Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763-1865) - Elizabeth Carscallen. Elizabeth's first 'petition' is dated in 1817, there are two. Her whole family siblings, father are listed in the petition list and are found residing in the Fredericksburg area- L & A. They still had children being born in Camden L&A by 1826. Last child born 1828 but I don't know the location.

Looking for: Calvin Wheeler re: land. (never have found his parents/birth place either!)

Ask Olive Tree Response: Holly, you've got some good information so I had a look in the CLRI (Ontario Land Record Index) on your behalf. If Calvin filed a petition for land, it should be noted there. Sometimes Petitions are not found in the Upper Canada Land Petitions index but mention of them can be found elsewhere (CLRI or Land Books for example)

The headings (fields) in the CLRI are:

Surname; First Names; Residence; Location; Lot; Conc.; Date ID ;Issued; Date ID; Issued; Trans. Type; FG Type; Type Sale /Lease; Archives RG Series; Reference Volume Page
Here is the entry I found:
Calvin; Wheeler; Murray; Murray; FR 1/2 28; 1; 8; 1816-05-25; FG; M; 01 C13; 123 027
I'll translate for you: Calvin Wheeler living in Murray received a Free Grant of land in right of his Militia claim, on 25 May 1815 by Order in Council. His land was in Murray, the front half of lot 28 Concession 1. The Archival Reference is 01 C13 and it is on Vol. 123 page 027.
This record appears in Record Group 1 (Crown Land Records), Series C-I-3 (Fiats and Warrants), Vol. 123 (Register for Military Fiats), Page 27, which has been microfilmed on MS 693, Reel 138.
There should be a petition on file which was heard in Council. No doubt his Military service was during the War of 1812 so you might find more in War of 1812 records (although they are sparse). The microfilmed fiat and warrant mentioned above will give the petitioner's rank and regiment. 
I'd also check Township papers for that lot and concession number, just in case there is something of note there. While I cannot be sure that the entry I found is for *your* Calvin, I urge you to look further, and check the Abstract Indexes to Deeds for the specific land location entered.

1 comment:

  1. Lorine

    Thanks for the post, I am intrigued. Calvin's first child James M Wheeler (my 2nd grand) was baptized in Toronto in 1814. There are also Wheelers that have aroused my curiosity in Hastings Co. Is Murray Twp in Northumberland Co?

    At the risk of sounding completely stupid...I have questions. First: the Ontario Archives have redesigned the site since I was there last and I am not maneuvering very well, maybe its just late.

    Am I wanting to get the films you specifically pointed out in the post?...I see that there in OA. Or- am I to find the Abstract Index to Deeds in another film-first? That- I am having some trouble with finding on Archives of Ontario.

    I have been able to find/order and view Abstract Index to Deeds for Simcoe Co (Raeburns) via FHL but can not find anything for Murray Twp there. I am really tired I just realized...I think I need to review later with fresh eyes...

    One more question- " I'd also check Township papers for that lot and concession number, just in case there is something of note there. "

    I am drawing a blank on where to go for this...maybe I just need to go to bed, lol!