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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why Abstract Indexes to Deeds Sometimes Have Blank Pages

A reader who remained anonymous posted a comment on my blog post Abstract Index to Deeds: An Explanation

Dear Anonymous - I think I can explain but welcome other readers who have more knowledge of this complicated process to offer their comments.
I took your advice and secured a FHC film to research my Humberstone twp family. I was so disappointed to find the page blank - (correct concession #, lot #, county, etc.) In fact the next page was also blank, and the following page had one entry regarding a Sheriff's sale of 4 acres. Can you explain?

The Abstract Indexes are indexes to land transactions that took place after a patent was granted on a specific piece of land, and which were registered at the County Land Registry Office. Sadly not all transactions in the early part of the 1800s were registered. As well if an individual leased rather than owned their land, it might not be found because only leases longer than 21 years had to be registered.

Your question is an excellent one and I hope readers who have more knowledge of the early Ontario Land Records will jump in and either confirm what I've told you or offer their own explanation.

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