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Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Scotland to New York - Finding Answers

Dottie's Question:
Looking for information on Hugh McLeod and wife Jean Gordon McCleod. Came from Glasgow, sons John and James emigrated to NY area about 1880. James was a New York City policeman and married an Italian girl.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Dottie - You have not told me how you know this information, and what is it you want to know about Hugh and Jean.

Do you have the census reports for the McCleod family in Sotland? And do you have the census reports for the sons in America? I use for American and Canadian Census records but of course you can use any site you prefer for these records.

As you have Jean's maiden name, I assume that you have family information, or a death or marriage certificate for at least one of the sons.

Scotlandspeople should be your next stop. You can get the census reports for the family, you can see the marriage certificate for Hugh and Jean which will supply parents' names for each of them. You may find other siblings for John and James. The Scottish census indexes are also available at

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