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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Meaning of a term on old genealogy records

Peter's Question:
I’m hoping that you can answer my query. My Great Great Grandfather – James Baron was employed as a “blogger” in 1880. My family is from the North West of England –Lancashire. Would you know what the job was? I can’t find any references to the term except for the current Internet/web use

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Peter,

Unless one of your future descendants is a time traveller who has failed to obey the rules of The Continuum, then the Blogger term means something other than the current definition.

When was James born, to whom was he married, where in Lancashire did he live and where did you find this Blogger term?

e.g. On a census, on a marriage license. a city directory listing? Mentioned in a book? I suspect this is a case of either a transcription error or misreading old handwriting. If I could see the original document where you spotted this word, it would be helpful. You might want to take a look at the tutorials on reading old handwriting on my OliveTreeGenealogy Blog

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