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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Finding Citizenship Records in USA

Ivan's Question:
I am looking for citizenship records for Johann Peter Riege, Dorothea Elizabeth Riege and their five(5) sons, Herman, August, Adolph, John and Wilhelm. They arrived in the United States in 1883 on the ship U.S. Lessig.Any help you can give will be appreciated

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Hello Ivan. You have not said what year you think your ancestor naturalized. Are you sure he did?

Have you checked census records beginning in 1900 for an approximate year of naturalization?

The 1900, 1910 ,1920 and 1930 census identify citizenship status, with notations showing the individual was an Alien,or had started the Naturalization process or had his final papers. What great clues to help narrow the time frame for finding the records!

You may wish to read the previous answers I have given on this blog. Just look in the right side bar for the topic NATURALIZATION. Also I think this blog post will help you in your search.

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