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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding Naturalization Records

Larry's Question:
Would you be able to locate the dates that my father, Saul Eisenman, and his two brothers, Morris Eisenman and Louis Eisenman, became naturalized citizens. I think that they were became citizens in Columbus, Ohio.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Larry. I think you may have misunderstood the purpose of my blog Ask Olive Tree.

It was never intended to do lookups or conduct research for other genealogists. The purpose is to answer questions - to help guide or direct you to where YOU can find the answers. Sometimes I find information while looking around for resources and when that happens I happily share it with whoever asked the question.

To find the naturalization records for your ancestors you should start at Take your time, read the information about what records are available for different years, then click on through to the Ohio page.

There you can follow links or find out where you can search offline for those records.

Census records will also provide you with dates. See the section on CENSUS RECORDS on the website above

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