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Friday, May 21, 2010

New Amsterdam & New Netherland Resources (now New York)

Cornelia asked
my husband has New Amsterdam ancestors, most notedly
Hargerinck/Harpending, but others as well. I'm unversed in New Amsterdam research, was given a cousin's research with names but not much data. where do I look for New Amsterdam records? not many appear to be online. we are in Oregon so we are not in easy reach of NY archives.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Cornelia. First off, you say "New Amsterdam" but I'm guessing you may have meant New Netherland? New Amsterdam was the name of what is now New York City. New Netherland is now New York state (and bits of other states).

In any case, there are many many resources available for research in both these areas. Those of us with ancestors who settled these areas in the 17th Century are very lucky!

I have many online on my New Netherland section of my website. They include ships passenger lists from Netherlands to New Netherland 1624-1664 the Reformed Dutch Church records for baptisms (1639-1801), marriages (1639-1801) and membership lists (1649-1701), land records and so on.

There are also many 18th Century records online on my website. You can search those by going to the same URL for New Netherland and choosing the type of record (church, census, land records, ships passenger lists, etc) that you want from the Menu.

I also have a list of resource books I highly recommend for New Netherland research. They include court records (there is an abundance of court records for very early years for New Netherland), wills, etc.

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