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Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Kind of Strict About This!

An anonymous researcher posted this question in the comment section of my blog
I have a John O'brien who supposedly left Dublin Ireland about 1813 for the Phillipines. Would there be ship records for this location, from there they according to family stories went to Norfolk VA abt 1826, then on to Caswell Co. NC. Would I be able to find any ship records from either place to look for this family?

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: I'm posting this to remind readers to please abide by two "rules"

1. Provide your name in your query. I don't respond to anonymous questions

2. Don't post your query as a comment on the AskOliveTree Blog. You must email queries to me at the email address provided on this blog ( I will delete all queries posted as comments. Comment sections on blogs are meant to be used as a way for readers to add their own thoughts, ideas, questions or suggestions related to whatever the blog post was about.

Sorry, anonymous, but your question won't get answered unless you write to me at the email provided and tell me who you are.

1 comment:

  1. Well stated! I have the same problem with people submitting queries for my family association web page.

    Sadly, many queries are never posted or answered because people don't read the instructions or follow the very simple rules.