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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finding an Ancestor in a Colorado orphanage

any info on Colorado orphanages...???
Olive Tree Answer: Carolyne, that has to be the briefest question I've had on AskOliveTree! You haven't specified if you want to see a list of all orphanages currently in Colorado, a list of historical orphanges, pointer to a website with records from Colorado orphanages, or.....??

I'll assume you are looking for records of orphans in Colorado orphanages. I like to use a variety of resources to find out what records exist for specific topics in specific locations. One is the online catalogue at They have microfilmed many records and it's a good idea to check their first to see if what you want is available

My second resource is to check the GenWeb site for the location of interest. I suggest you go to the USGenWeb site for Colorado and see if there is any information there

Third - try the state archives for Colorado. If you don't know where these websites are, try Google. See what records the State Archives holds.

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