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Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to find a Ships Passenger Lists to Virginia 1650s

reese asked
my original ancestor in the u.s (colonies) arrived in virginia in 1652. his name was john smith and was sponsored by henry woodhouse, although the Family Archives calls him Henry Hoodhouse. they were settled in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia. I am trying to find the ship and manifest for his arrival. for some reason, i believe that he had a stop over in Bermuda. any suggestions for my search?

Olive Tree Answer: Reese, Passenger Lists of Ships to the colony of Virginia in that time period are tricky to find.

Have you tried this online Directory of Ships sailing to Virginia 1609-1737 or Online Directory of Links to Ships to New England

You can also consult the books by Coldham, Peter Wilson. I've talked about these books before, just last week in fact, but here is the information again

* The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1660: A Comprehensive Listing Compiled from English Public Records of Those Who Took Ship to the Americas for Political, Religious, and Economic Reasons; ....
* English Adventurers and Emigrants Immigration Sixteen Hundred and Sixty-One Thru Seventeen Hundred and Thirty-Three
* The Complete Book of Emigrants in Bondage, 1614-1775
* More Emigrants in Bondage: 1614-1775
* British Emigrants In Bondage, 1614-1788

Here is the complete List of Peter Coldham's Books on Amazon. I think Google Books has some of these online.

Last but not least, you can also sub to Ships Lists to USA
Pre 1820
and ask for help from subscribers. Choose US-SHIPSLISTS-PRE1820 to join

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