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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to Obtain a Canadian Ships Passenger List after 1936

Judy asked
My husbands family arrived in Quebec June 1952 on Empress of France. Do you know of any passenger lists for this year?

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Judy,

Records of immigrants arriving at Canadian land and seaports from January 1, 1936 onwards remain in the custody of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. To request a copy of another person's immigration record, you must mail your request to:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Public Rights Administration
360 Laurier Avenue West
10th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1A 1L1

There are some rules to applying:

1. You have to submit an Access to Information Request Form and you must have a Canadian address.

2. Provide passenger's full name, date of birth and year of entry. If you know their country of birth, port of entry and names of accompanying family members, provide that too.

3. You have to have a signed consent form from the person who immigrated, or proof they have been deceased for at least 20 years. (Unless they would be over 110 years old if alive today, so in your case, anyone born before 1899 doesn't require a consent form or proof of death)

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