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Monday, June 15, 2009

Finding a Newspaper Article

Katharine writes to ask
I would like to locate a newspaper item from "The Thorold Post" in Canada. The paper's name came from Paul Hutchinson's Niagara Newspaper Index.The article I hope to find is shown on the list as:

tp 1879 05 30 4 1 sad accident {samuel barnes, geo. barnes, death}

Samuel Barnes is my late husband's great grandfather and geo. barnes is
Samuel's 1st child.I would appreciate your help as to where I should research next.

Olive Tree Answer:
Katharine, it's always exciting to find mention of an ancestor in an index isn't it? But the question always arises as to what is the next step. I have not seen the source you mention (Paul Hutchinson's Niagara Newspaper Index) so cannot say for certain, but it is unlikely that Mr. Hutchinson did not also have a section showing how to obtain a full copy of any record found in the index. Usually websites or books have a section at the front or back which explains where the full record is, and how researchers can access it.

Have you looked at LAC's list of available newspapers for Thorold? They may have details on how to access this newspaper for the year you want

You can contact Niagara Falls Public Library to ask about obtaining that specific article, I believe that NFPL or another in the Niagara area has the newspapers on microfilm

Have you written to the Thorold Public Library? Have a peek at their website, their list of collections is online

Archives of Ontario has a section of their website devoted to Newspaper Sources called Inventory L 23 Original and microfilmed newspaper collections in the Archives of Ontario (pdf file, 800K) The microfilm copies are not available on Interloan so if you find the Thorold Post there you will have to visit the Archives in person or have someone obtain the record on your behalf.

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  1. I was searching for a link to Mr. Hutchinson's Slabtown Press when I found this query (still haven't found a working link). I have data that was purchased from Mr. Hutchinson in 2000 in the same format (tp 1879 05 30 4 1 sad accident {samuel barnes, geo. barnes, death}). The "tp" is the abbreviation for the newspaper from which the item was extracted.