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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

FInding out if a ship sailed in a certain year

Marie asked this question:
Did the SS Elbe have a 1881 passenger list to the United States from Bremer. My Grandfather and Grandmother came to America, supposedly on the Elbe, for their Honeymoon in 1881. The only passengers list I can find start in 1882 - 1885.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Marie. This is where I wish you had given me the names of your grandparents. I could have had a bit of a search for them. You also don't say what your source is for their arrival in 1881. If it is family lore or a census record, be cautious in taking it as a correct year. The year of immigration is one of the most MISremembered years of all! So always add a year or two on either side and in this case, search 1880-1882.

As for your question re the Elbe sailing in 1881, you can check this by going to and browsing through their list of ship arrivals that year. Since you didn't tell me what the port of arrival was, I can't check this for you.

However I did go into New York Arrivals and have a quick look for the Elbe in 1881 and it is there with many sailings that year from Bremen, Germany and Southampton, England. I'm not sure where you were looking but it may be time to go back to your search.

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