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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Larry aks:
Where can I search and locate names/dates of ships arriving in Maryland prior to 1800? My 6GF arrived from Ireland/Scotland and landed somewhere in Maryland.

Name: William YOUNG, wife Mary White
Born: About 1715-1720
Married: Prior to 1743

Location: Arrived in Maryland. (First place of known residency is Elkton/Head of Elk, Maryland. I tried this website, internet, and the book, they Came in Ships. Willaim was a Scot and settled on the northern border of Ireland before coming to America. Later the family moved to Franklin County, Lancaster County, and Mercer COunty, PA by 1800-1810.

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Larry, Those are early years for ships manifests. Ships Passenger Lists to USA did not have to be archived until 1820 so it is hit and miss as to whether or not you will find one before that date. The book They Came in Ships is very thorough and if there were no ideas there for you, you may have to accept that there simply are no ships lists that have survived for the time and place you need.

You can try Ships Passenger Lists to Maryland Before 1820 for alternate ideas such as using Tax Records, etc. and to see what is available online

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