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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finding an Ancestor in Black Hawk War in Illinois

Diane's question was:
For years I have tried to find my ancestor, Thomas Palmer on the Black Hawk War veterans database. He does not seem to appear. The family story was that Thomas ( if that actually was his first name) Palmer frrom Philadelphia, Pa fought in the Black Hawk War and died of cholera. I have found that many did die of cholera in that war. My question being, where could I find lists of soldiers who died of cholera in this war (assuming they are not on the Illionis database)

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Robin. You didn't specify which Black Hawk War (there were two, one in Illinois and a later one in Utah) but I suspect you meant the earlier Illinois one.

I think the Illinois database you mention is only for the names of men who lived in Illinois. So you might not find your Pennsylvania ancestor listed. But here are some links that may be of help to you. Consult their catalogue to see what they have for the Black Hawk War miscellaneous companies muster rolls

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