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Friday, July 31, 2009

FInding a picture of a Dutch ship from 1637

Marty wanted to know
I have an ancestor named Dr. Hans Kierstede who sailed on the Den Harinck 7 Sept 1637. I’m trying to get a picture of that ship or another one like it. Is it known what type of ship it was?

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Marty. Your best bet might be to visit the online Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam You can find photos and drawings of ships there but if you cannot find what you want I would write to them. The site is in Dutch but just click on the small English flag beside the search box labelled ZOEK

Have you checked De Scheepvaart en handel van de Nederlandse Republiek op Nieuw-Nederland 1609-1675 to see if the type of ship is listed there?

You can see your ancestor's name which is NOT found on the "passenger list" for the ship Den Harinck which arrived in New Amsterdam 28 March 1638. Are you familiar with my project to reconstruct names of those who sailed on board these ships between 1624 and 1664? We know Hans Kierstede sailed on that ship, as stated in a Notarial Document dated 27 Oct 1649. I added Hans to the previously published list of names of those who still owed money for their passage.

Or you can search for other New Netherland ancestors at the online free database of Ships Passenger Lists to New Netherland, New York 1624 to 1664

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