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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finding Records of War of Independence in Ireland

Kathryn's Question:
In the book, The Parish of Aughavas, Co. Leitrim, I found a photo of my Grandpa, Francis Kiernan, and Great Uncle, Pat McKiernan, while they were imprisoned in the Curragh in Ireland in 1921. I had previously known about him serving in the IRA but did not know that he was ever imprisoned until I
saw the photo. I would like to know if the British Government ever kept any
records of the men that were held prisoners in the Curragh during the War of
Independence. I have searched online but not found anything. I guess I would
like additional proof that he was imprisoned there. I would appreciate any
information that you might have.

Olive Tree Answer: Kathryn, You may want to go to The National Archives. Search for Curragh and prisoners and see what pops up. You could also contact the Archives to ask them if such records exist.

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