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Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to Prove an Inherited Family Tree That Has No Sources

Greg asked:
Does anyone know of the VanSicle family starting with Andrew D, who married Elizabeth Kirts? He was born 11-6-1865, and Elizabeth June 24, 1879. Most lived in Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota. I am working from a typed family tree starting with the Keartz/Kirtz families in Luxembourg. It was started by Father F.X. Miller from Knox ND, and must have been finished by someone else, as it does his date of birth.
I have this from my Mother, daughter of Annnie Kirz and Robert Kendall.I welcome any help.

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Greg. Since you are working from a completed tree without sources you may want to start at square one. That is, start with yourself (if you are the last person on the tree) or your parents or grandparents and work backwards. Prove each generation through birth, marriage, death. obituaries and census records.

You can search Obituaries on You may find it helpful to use the free Ancestor Birth Record Finder, Ancestor Marriage Record Finder and Ancestor Death Record Finder. I like for census searches.

When (or if) you finally get to Andrew, you should be able to find him in quite a few census records, including 1870 with his parents and 1880 (probably still with his family). By using census you will have places of birth and you may even find other relatives in the same household.

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