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Monday, December 7, 2009

Finding Genealogy Records in Russia

Ray's Question:
How do i go about finding birth certificates in Russia

Olive Tree Answer:
Dear Ray - That is a very short question to which my answer is "That depends".

What time frame? Before World War One? After World War Two? Before 1800? After perestroika?

And where? Did you mean Russia or the Soviet Union or Ukraine???

And, just to complicate matters a bit, what religion?

There are civil archives in Russia. Few parish records survive. "State" archives, and the regional archives have inconsistent holdings.

And, for the most part, you have to know exactly what town you intend to search, and apply to the archives covering that town. There are almost a hundred different archives.

You will need to amass every detail you can before you start looking at Russian records. And you will undoubtedly have to hire a local researcher.

For a good introduction to Eastern European genealogy, check out the FEEFHS (Federation of East European Family History Societies) site.

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