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Friday, December 11, 2009

Obtaining New York Vital Statistic Records

Fithian's Question
How can I request a birth certificate for my deceased mother (NY State). I have gone to the website of the NYDPH (NY Dept Public Health) and it clearly states that only the person in question, or the person's parent can make that request...which is really strange, don't you think. There is a long-standing discrepancy in the family as to the exact date of her birth, although the town of her birth is accepted as true, as she lived there for her entire childhood. any comments or suggestions?

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Fithian. In recent years, public access to vital records has changed due to privacy concerns and security regulations. Most access rules depend upon when the event occurred and where.

You did not mention where or when your mother was born.

The rules in New York City, Albany, Yonkers and Buffalo are different than the rules in the rest of New York State.

For areas in NYS other than those four, if the birth took place after 1881 and before 1934 (seventy five years ago), you will have no trouble getting a copy of the birth certificate for genealogical purposes. If the birth was less than 75 years ago, you will have to offer proof of death and of your relationship. The basic cost is $22.00

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